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Food Companies Shying Away From Statements on Gluten Ingredients: The Harmful Effects on Consumers.

Rice Cereal GlutenSo it happened. Last week I ate gluten without knowing it.What does that mean for me? Severe stomach pain, lasting about 3-4 days, relentless fatigue, aches in my joints, mood swings, and difficulty eating.

The thing is, I couldn’t figure out what was the culprit. I’d been diligent about reading labels, checking everything I bought twice before adding it to the cart. Later, I found out that an ingredient in one of my new favorite recipes (Healthy and Delicious Gluten-Free Energy Bites) contains trace amounts of gluten: Rice Crispies cereal!

The culprit ingredient in this cereal is malt. After some research on the internet, I found that Kellogg’s has not released a statement or any sort of warning on their labels about this ingredient.

While it many only contain trace amounts of this gluten-laced malt, sometimes that’s all it takes to make someone really sick. Some people have allergies to gluten that can be deadly– reactions far worse than I’ve described above. These people cannot be in contact with ANY sort of food or products that contain gluten, or their lives are put at risk.

The fact that Kellogg’s has refused to include a statement about their cereal containing gluten is dangerous and irresponsible. The FDA requires that food companies list gluten-related ingredients on their labels at certain levels of containment, but are these levels and guidelines good enough? People are still being affected. Perhaps it’s time for these laws to be reevaluated.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts on this matter. I can’t wait to read them and keep this conversation going!


Rants & Reviews

What’s in my Kitchen Cabinet? Select Gluten-Free Faves!

For those like me with celiac, gluten sensitivity, or wheat-related allergies, you know it can be tricky to find awesome gluten-free foods to mimic your old staples and go-to favorites. Sure, there is a pretty good gf selection on the market, but some of it just isn’t the same. It’s either got a weird texture, an inability to hold up without crumbling out of your hand or off your fork, or it just tastes funny. Some of my favorites that have proven difficult to mimic (until now) include pizza crust, noodles, and pancake mix for weekend breakfasts.

Before my diagnosis, I had no idea just how ubiquitous gluten is in our food. It’s in gravies, soups, sauces, it coats fries, it holds together pastries, cakes, beverages, gum and candy. It’s even in soaps, shampoos, lotions, makeup and more! I knew I had to be careful what I was putting into my body, and once I found these great products, I knew I wanted to share them with others.

Here is a list of some excellent gluten-free foods:

*Please note: these reviews are not sponsored or paid. They simply reflect my own opinions!*

Mamma Mary’s Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

PizzaHummusandGravyThese awesome pizza crusts tend to be a bit crumbly, but they are the closest thing I’ve tried yet to the old pizza crusts I used to eat. Just spread a bit of olive oil on top, add your favorite toppings, bake, and enjoy!


Sabra Hummus

I love hummus! It’s packed with protein, it’s savory and delicious, and it pairs well with tortilla chips. What’s not to like? 🙂 I have the roasted pine nut flavor in the picture, but original is great as well.

McCormick Gluten-Free Brown Gravy

Poutine is delicious, and it needs a tasty gravy to top it. This one is just right!

BarillaPenneAnnieChunPadThaiBarilla Gluten-Free Penne Noodles

These noodles are made with a mixture of rice flour and corn. They have a great texture and an excellent, light taste.

Annie Chun’s Brown Rice Noodles for Pad Thai

These noodles are awesome for Pad Thai! They boil in only five minutes and are quite healthy. So far, I am only able to find them at Whole Foods, but they are definitely worth the trip!




RiceLasagnaNoodlesDe Boles Gluten-Free Rice Lasagna Noodles

While I don’t make lasagna very often, it’s nice to have a gf noodle option to depend on. These convenient noodles don’t need to be boiled. Just layer and put them in the oven to bake!



RedMixPancakesKirklandChickenStockBob’s Red Mill G-F Pancake Mix

I associate pancakes with easy-going Saturday mornings. This mix is quick, tasty, and a great thing to have in your cupboard! We like to add berries or bananas to the mix for extra goodness and flavor. 🙂


Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock

This gluten-free stock makes a great base for soups and sauces, and it adds extra flavor to rice instead of using water. We order this in bulk from Costco.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave a comment below with your own favorite gluten-free products and brands! If you like this post, let me know and I will post more of them!