We learned how to make Sushi!

Recently, Ia20160127_20003520160127_200233n and I attended a cooking class on how to make your own sushi at home. It was amazing! Not only was the food delicious, I realized just how much of an art form preparing sushi could be.


First, we were instructed on how to prepare sushi rice at home in a rice cooker. We then tried our hand at preparing maki rolls and hand rolls (the original sushi), which is harder than it looks! We learned about different flavor pairings, and even tried broiled eel (unfortunately, it was pretty gross… but we tried it!).


The class was informative, fun, and engaging. I highly recommend taking a cooking class by a professional chef if you’re interested in learning how to make a particular kind of food at home that can be considered harder to master on your own!


Happy cooking! 🙂