DIY Fire Starters

Winter is fast approaching, and for some, this means breaking out the fire wood and starting a warm fire in your fireplace, or enjoying a campfire outdoors before it’s too cold and your buns freeze off! Read on for a quick and inexpensive DIY to make your own fire starters at home.DIY Fire Starters


Cardboard egg carton (please DO NOT use plastic egg cartons for this project. They are terrible for the environment, especially when set on fire!)

Dryer lint (yes, there is a use for this stuff!)

Candle wax or coconut oil


What to do 

Start by taking your cardboard egg carton and cut out each individual egg cup. Next, add a bit of the dryer lint into the cups. Finally, melt down your wax or coconut oil in the microwave and pour a bit over the lint and into the egg cups, creating a seal to ensure the lint won’t escape. Make sure you leave a bit of the lint exposed, though. This is the part that you’ll want to set fire.

Place the finished egg cups into your fire pit, nestled under a few logs. Light the starter by igniting the exposed lint which will catch and melt the wax or oil, creating more fuel for your fire.

Enjoy 🙂

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