Thanksgiving: Gluten Free Style!

Thanksgiving Gluten FreeSo, Canadian Thanksgiving just happened this past weekend. Even though we’re in Chicago, Ian and I celebrated by roasting a chicken, mashing potatoes, and preparing a large batch of stuffing: all free from gluten of course!

This was my first Thanksgiving being diagnosed as celiac, and I was unsure if I’d be able to find a good stuffing option (because it’s obviously one of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner, am I right?!).

Luckily, Ian found a savory, awesome recipe online that we carefully recreated in our kitchen. It honestly made the apartment smell amazing!

We also prepared gluten free gravy and mashed potatoes with a twist. I added in a bit of low fat sour cream, a hint of cheese, and a handful of green onions to mix up this old favorite.

After a few hours of cooking, the chicken was finally ready to eat. Although miles away from our family back in Canada, we enjoyed a lovely, festive Thanksgiving together.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? What challenges have you faced and overcome by eating gluten free around the holidays? Share in the conversation and post something below! Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

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